Want list.

Last updated 2/5/19

What I’m currently obsessing about:



-1970s Custom Vans

Specific stuff I’m looking for:

(most are for customizing, so I’m open to any condition. Cards/Packaging is irrelevant to me)


-33 Ford Coupe (from the Dirt Mudders 5-pack)

-35 Ford Pickup 

- Mr Softee “snack truck” from the 90s.

- Old Lesney era “Refreshments” trailer. Just need base and interior, condition not vital, broken off hitch acceptable.


-GMC Wrecker (any version, not interested in chinese knockoff )

Hot Wheels: 

-’59 chevy sedan delivery (any version, without wheels is fine)

-Datsun 620 pickup(want several. Prefer teal, but will take any/all you have)

‘83 Silverado Pickup (want several, w/o wheels is fine)

Johnny Lightning: 

-“Project in Progress” 1950 Chevy Suburban

-“Project in Progress” 1955 Chrysler C-300.

-”Project in Progress” 1950 Mercury Woody

-70s/80s Chevy/Dodge/Chevy vans, any livery


- 1976 Cadillac (black, blue, red, or white w/red roof)


-Van-Go custom van in green

-M2 heavy trucks/semis.

-any of the cars from the 50s with sidepipes

-Econoline panel van (not windowed vans)


-Revel Lowriders (or just wheels)

-Jesse James ‘57 Chevy Wagon (or just wheels)

-Rear slicks, skinny front wheels, skinny steel wheels (M2 has these) for gassers.


Other stuff that tends to catch my eye:

—True 1/64 Semis, Semi trailers, & other large trucks (DCP, Speccast, First Gear, etc.). Ma consider damaged/incomplete/etc.


-Cars & trucks from the 40s & 50s,

-wagons from anytime

-campers, camper trailers, & pickup campers (but not the HW Backwoods Bomb)


-Tow Trucks/Wreckers/Flatbeds

I only collect 1/64-ish vehicles. I’m not much for exotics, muscle cars or sports cars. I don’t collect chase/white lightning/green machine cars.

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